Spinal Manipulation/Joint Mobilization

Spinal Manipulation/Joint Mobilization

The primary chiropractic therapy procedure for back pain is a chiropractic adjustment, often known as chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation.

Manipulation of the spine lowers joint pressure, reduces inflammation, and enhances nerve function. Since the ancient Greek Hippocrates detailed manipulative techniques in his writings in 1500 B.C., it has been a trusted type of treatment. Spinal manipulation is being utilized to treat allergies, menstrual cramps, and headaches, among other things.

What is Spinal Manipulation/Joint Mobilization?

Chiropractors employ well over 100 different types of adjustment techniques around the world. Some practitioners utilize force and twisting, while others use gentler tactics. These procedures are meant to restore or enhance joint function with the goals of lowering pain and eliminating joint inflammation, regardless of how they are conducted.

There is a systemic response from the muscular system to the central nervous system when vertebrae slip out of place. Our nerves, immune system, and intellect cannot work at their best without appropriate alignment and flow.

Overall, spinal adjustments and manipulations are a great method to maintain your body functioning at its best while avoiding pain. When the body is properly aligned, it can respond and perform as it was designed to.

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