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For better spine health, exercise regularly!

Regular exercise and strengthening activities will promote a healthier, stronger and more stable spine. Start an exercise program slowly to give your muscles a chance to warm up. Check with your doctor prior to engaging in an exercise program.

Our Locations and Hours

CAS #1

24th St. and Highland Avenue

4619 N. 24th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: 602.956.0111
Fax: 602.956.6789

Mon & Wed: 8:45am 6pm
Tues: 2pm 7pm
Thurs: 2pm-6pm
Fri: 8:45am 2pm

CAS #2

75th Ave. and Encanto Boulevard

2330 N. 75th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85035
Phone: 623.849.9416
Fax: 623.849.9622

Mon & Thurs: closed
Tues:9:00am - 12pm
Fri: 3:00pm 6pm
Sat: 9:00am - 12pm

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