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CAS Chiropractic Center PC & CAS Medical Center LLC

The Culture of Care

CAS Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Centers are dedicated to providing each patient with a premium level of health and chiropractic care.

Our Family

Caring For Yours

Dr. Michael and Dr. Christine Castrichini founded CAS Chiropractic Center P.C. in 1994. We’ve created an environment that is conductive to wellness by combining the educational expertise and talents of doctors, nurse practitioner, therapists and a caring staff so our patients feel at ease.  We want them to feel confident we are here to help them get better with a non-surgical solution to pain management.


Made Daily

Whether you are new to chiropractic or have received care in the past, we believe you will find our centers staffed with compassionate doctors and staff who truly care about your wellness. Helping restore your well-being is the very reason CAS Chiropractic Centers exists and it shines through with our doctors’ philosophy of patient care.  To devote themselves to helping their patients get back on their feet using the most leading-edge medical advances, nutritional guidelines and personal care.

Our Mission

Is Your Life

The most successful Health-care program is one that is bassed solely on an individual, not a blanketed approach to what ails the masses. At CAS, we customize your treatment program, based on your individual needs. A stiff neck and sore joints can be treated entirely different from one person to the next. That's why we ask questions and more importantly, we listen to the answers to help design a specific course of action on the road to feeling better towards proper rehabilitation.

It's All About How We Treat You

Every member of our staff is committed to helping our patients achieve the highest quality care, and that includes creating a Financial payment plan. The burden of physical illness can sometimes lead to Financial and emocional stress. If you have questions regarding care and/or coverage, we Entourage you to share your concerns in privacy and we Will asiste you in every way possible. We want our patients to feel better, not worry about financial issues.

We accept personal injury, workers compensation and most group insurance plans. This may allow you to receive care at Little or no cost to you.

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Just fill out the form to get started. When you request a call back from CAS, please let us know a time window and provide the phone number where you can be reached and we’ll call you.

If you miss the call the first time, the agent will attempt to call back within a few minutes.

Chiropractic, like gravity, works whether you believe it or not.

~Sid E. Williams D.C.